Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Like Fractured Happiness

And like fractured knife impurity
It ever widens, ceaseless sky
Rotated upside down, so I’m
Holding my breath or vomit,
Pretty fairy lithely drowns us believers,
Though we’re the only ones
Massed and twirling at dawn
Inside twisted city ruins, walls
Show brick cracked and red brown
Under plaster that takes cue from rough seas,
And beware the rip-tide at night,
Undertow doing that silly harmless
Dance, harmless until skies grow blue eternity
Sparkle imageless and die,

Like where are the stars that guide us?

A childlike question I’m prone to ask
But with illimitable vast consequences
That I mean to mean but
Meaning much more than my words can gather,
Old owl in tree miles away spotting prey, inland—
Ignore my foamy hand and tight brow, my tattered hair
And fading youth—

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