Sunday, April 17, 2011


don't cha know the rain's got this street all closed off
and this cops got Kevin Arnold innocence pouting
torrentially on dark features in the night getting later,
the train bridge arching through time stamped in place
on old suburban roads off the highway rumbling center,
my feet damp from running few blocks to car
20 minutes or so ago and two detours, my heart heavy
missing something I can't place in the leaning hours toward daylight,
the bed groans, my head sinks, I think of sleep, love,
the windows streak, I move toward them perpetually,
I miss the turn and the street rises on long ago primordial hills
and I'm sure some dinosaurs or the ice age, I tap the wheel
so the cd skips, thin opening in window forgets the song,
I lose the sound
and hey, I'm not sure I was ever listening

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