Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If you can make sense of this it's for you

There were woods, a forest in this dream
I had rushing through when a murderous eye
peering from unseen eons broke my stride
bounding down church stairs (I was,
                                            not the eye,
                                            it was implanted in my
                                            memory or the background,
took one step, then three
I lost your face, those starry eyes
we held some dark secret, huh? Right,
in a way I recall, like blood as I kneel
above my sister on Nana's stoop
                                             (It was so red)
Only you would know memories
that pour from my mind drowning
I rip at them one by one, stretching
to get to that core, gooky and all gobbled up,
pulling branches when I hit the door
the air is like it's not even there, when you think about it--
like it never cares, just remains invisible watching us fall,
sound is a vacuum too in my little dream space
that seemingly insanely spans my mind (A ticking bomb
                                                           you love, and listen
Alarms buuudooop dooo daaah kitch baaaa
preloaded LG nightmare rescue groggy,
maroon curtains ha ha-ing at me 12:30pm
they block out the day the sun the day really do
Hold me, in my dream curse
in this aging life smiling
kiss my reveries and I'll love you
like I always have
as we whiiiiiiiiir whiiiiir whiiiiiiiiiir
with spinning dizzy earth

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