Friday, April 22, 2011

Interviews and Interviews

get bus to New York
the subway leaves 27th St goooooooin
uptown 42nd (old den of fairies stalking sailors
park bench and night time wine)
off at times square and on the (7)
Grand Central's next (still on 42)
couple blocks to the hudson on foot
FDR drive/Warehouse
change of shoes (no hat;forgot tie)
back out half-hour lapse--
won'dring how my mind
rushes off on its own, do I scratch my face?
cross my arms? Hand's in pocket?
I'm hyper-normal or something
I'm not sweating, walk the eight blocks to 9th
cause to 31st is my bus- supposedly
it's two hours late, I need this bitch complaining behind me
for sure-
but it's here, engine roaring ignoring
the jacket I zipped up an hour ago,
I stare pretty hard, but acquiesce to it's wheels
they'll take me home (o'er 95) to
just miss Joe's tuna salad,
and the house smells like I'm tired-
I change.

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