Wednesday, June 16, 2010

They sold their plane tickets? ...So what?

With zig-zags,
dips and turns,
whirls and spins,
zig-zag zig-zag zag,
the world eats itself,
feeds itself,
on itself, loud
hold your ears...

Its loud, oh oh oh so loud
and painful,

she coddles it, says it's necessary,

That I don't believe,
because then we'd all be gone
in a blink like a tv screen
shrinking to that last little ball of light


A cloud ripping through the air
zagging or zigging
slashing through fast and easy,
a knife stacking life upon life
memory open and over-sized,
screaming HELP into the sky
toward the no-planes and after-helicopters,
watching over us
like gymnasts...but they're ungainly
and ill trained


and off into the distance
this distance/that distance
neither and either distance

lovely and quiet


And you can look everywhere
and never find them.

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