Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The 4G Crystal-meth politics test

So they get this guy to talk to you
and hes proper,
smiles and dresses nice,
why not let him in your house?
or your bed?
he tells you what is good and bad,
what you can say and can't,
he talks for you
takes your time,
that he takes the most,
he rolls in it,
and you pat him on the back,
because you live in his world,
you run by his rules,
hes made you a liberal or a conservative,
an idiot or an intellectual,
he dances in the spotlight
of some created game,
he rolls your dice and plays your piece
you lose he wins,
you win he wins,
you protest in his voice,
with his words,
he laughs from your mouth,
sees from your eyes,
fucks your mother while your back is turned,
and kills your dog or cat,
and you continue to worship at his invisible alter,
seeing the world that he has invisibly beat into you,
because you don't know how not to.

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