Monday, June 28, 2010

Driving home

Jesus Christ+
what is that behind me?
its got like 30 headlights
a big hulking spider truck
swear the lights weigh more
than my tiny (94' Corsica),
look don't look look
close my eyes and still see it,
it's like the truck from the Hitcher
I'm gonna die.
whoa, alright
stop rear-view driving,
but the world looks so much more
and backward
from here,
I'm taking every curve,
oh shit,
he's got his turn signal (is that what it is
among all those lights)
he's faking me out forward
look forward
okay, now you got it
remember that phone number from the infomercial,
yeah the one with the guy and the hovering chair,
you could use that,
close but they all end/begin like that
he's turned off, probably trying to cut me off
on the next street
better hurry up
Jim Halsey understands
yeah man...sorry about that
just play it cool
run a few stop signs
get home dial that number
everything's cool
and forward.

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