Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pole Dancing Classes

a city of quartz,
siphoning heat from the dregs


water dripping, touches down
burning in the
muggy silencccccce-ssssizzle*
burning up whats left,
poudrin clutching to the past
one-by-one melting/drooping/dripping/dropping/splash

slender legs with lithe footsteps,
or clumsy? but beautiful--------footsteps,
if we can achieve or seek to,
over hot coal sidewalks
between destination,
red hot with heat,
another convulsion/release
separation into the red thing,
evaporated maybe before it hit the ground,
a meteor-an earth collision-unrequited,

from the ground following along
like reaching up and holding on--
smooth skin delicate skin uncontrollable skin
tearing into your stomach-sizzle*

small worlds of bliss and water,
gentle skiing slope thin and soft and muscle;
rising up tension tension into the sun,
dominate and terrible,
clawing at me, eyes and hands-

forced solitude and distance,
screaming out into distance
under the yellow blue background above,
through the inverted picture
painted hot and drying undried,
a miniature torrent sizzling river
crossing the street

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