Friday, January 31, 2014

Upon Waking

I'll lie naked with you
reading Finnegan's Wake,

we'll  fuck pretentiously
as the late afternoon sun
devours the dying embers
of your body,

there'll be quiet in all directions
the streets empty containers

a feeling like the void
where there should be none,

I'll drink coffee
by the cold window
my hand on the glass
feeling the bitter air
on my palm, the warmth
of the heat on my body,

the world is through with
being poor, I am through
trying to be anything but,

I'll wear long johns
and a t-shirt, you'll look at me
with sad, tired sonorous eyes,

leftovers will be hardening
on the table, drying out
becoming impossible to clean,

I'll pick up Wake where I left off,
You'll close your eyes to the world,

we'll march off together of two minds,
accepting the night's end,
refusing what's next.

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