Friday, January 17, 2014

Count backwards, I'll be waiting

some graffiti from the 1970s,
unreadable, a crumbling wall
reinforced, most likely older,
it's a photograph circa 1978;

lights are out, fusebox something-
something-or-other too technical
to care about about--I've got other things
going on--woke up itching all over,
was it all in my mind, I dunno, but

it felt like it.

fell asleep suddenly at 10,
strange dream (I don't really care
to get into it) at 5:30 awoke suddenly*

*recall last stanza ~Tom

got a shower, half sleeping
half confused,

the sun was yet to break the horizon,
I closed my eyes, hair yet to dry,
two more hours, who knows?

two more hours.

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