Thursday, January 2, 2014


(untitled post) insert here
make rainbow streaks
outside the lines/fill in with
pencil dark--but not too dark--
the scanner won't catch the lines
bright colors/heaven,
skip that last track it's cutting into
my arms--wrists--veins--
eating me from the outside--in--
upset stomach, cold hands
reach out to God on the edge,
I am hammering away
at the glass but your world is
impenetrable--but you already knew
we'd never make it in--left puddles in
the cold--turn to ice--aren't so pretty
as when we left them
reflecting the sky--this painting--
this sketch--this memory00--
is a request is a sad upturned nose
is a passing remark etched into
hard skin--scarred tissue--scarred
skin--is fading away grown deeper
is no longer visible--am I a fool for
typing all this up? Is it coherent?
In a way I've lost my way I'm letting
my fingers go I'm getting close to the end
I'm typing cliffhanger

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