Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sign of the Dog

saw your sign glance by

          lost since last august
                           no update     on sad face dog

last seen exiting the front door of a house on prince st
                                         running east

Doesn't answer to his name/may run from stranger steps

another sign
             read ASSN.
             as ASIAN, hmmm.

you'd think maybe like     a bilingual school
                                          or history
                                                    could be?
ASSN. of Educators and Lecturers
ASSN. like an Association like an abbr.

                    parking spots
for members meaning
                                     that was a sign
                                     for sure

warning for tow implicit throughout
explicitly measured out below

and other words of white on blue field

            the first sign
blocks of text

the general gist
      is already          wearing thin
                          two blocks past into tomorrow
     the dog
             beside     downward stare

what did it look like?
                                   the dog that's just a dog
were there any cars?
                                  parked in the lot?
          was there even a school?

how many     months
                             have been lost
          since august?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pea Ramble

each time you reach for me
I am sitting up in bed
thinking about the yellow peas
crushed and pounded into milk
flavored with vanilla
bottled and purchased and
sitting on a shelf on the door
in the fridge
I know what an udder looks like
and a cow
but what is a yellow pea
and why was it chosen
to represent the vegetable world
on it's foray into the realm
of replacement dairy products
that I only bought because
it was on sale and the bottle
the bottle resembled a gourd
and written on it ripple
in a font that left out the
left line of each letter
it was too good a deal
to pass up

Saturday, March 18, 2017


hat slid of night
      a funny thing
tumble from my head
    due east
where another body
        somebody warms my coat
foot swimming in sock
   me this time
night was three hour pitch
           slung at 6am
         stomach settled
dressed in red
    bottled this way
bottled that
            voices trail shirtsleeves
whatever was said
    can be taken back
you kicked my shoulders out
          I swung boots
from the ledge

Friday, March 17, 2017

Current Issue

On back,
they pour down fire
they pour up the smoke
they dig into the back for heavy lead
gorge on bedrock
chew iron spit steel
balk at untouchable things
they fuck it up,
they really fuck it up
searching for that next land
next swath of wood
next treasure trove

nobody think
ask the tortoise
how he feel,
nobody give a fuck
we boil the soup at whatever temp
them directions say
eat that shit up
stuff leftovers in plastic bags
fuck cares if they rot,
you hear what they say?
nothing makes any god damn sense
all propaganda
you're trying to step off
who won't let you
we tell ya gotta go,
the back
how many years old?
we're nothing
if we don't keep on spending
then what?
using these gifts
resources left behind to what?
another body will burn them
what a waste,
all those starling beyond our grasp
more showing light every day
if we could only reach them
pull them into the below
wouldn't it be cushy then?
wouldn't it be grand
don't they belong to us?
you and me?

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The cutting world

From my pocket
     I produce the earth.

On the counter before me,
     set the blender to pulse.

Of the earth,
     I flip through its many pages.
Along the perforated lines,
     it tears.

Sheet by sheet
     many things, hours, time,
     gently placed,

A cup of water or one and one half
     suggests my phone.

I drown the earth,
     first by faucet,
     then by cup.

The blender cuts the fuse,
     but it's too late.

By the darkness I pour,
     for each of us,
     a glass.

Monday, March 13, 2017


thunder that shakes city street
is the risen crane's body
rain to keep the drills wet
burrowed under sewer grates

     'cross town with uber fare
     a pleasurable hell

you who would seek escape

Three (3)
days Leave

Now! Go!

     find your "peace"

how many days have you paid?

what was the cost?

answer is silence
     silence is midnight when the subway is quiet
when the meter has rung

the morning cracks with the weight of alarm
     work begins when you breathe.


She draws her finger at the edge
     flow goes the river          life flows

she forms the jagged shores     cleft

          crash comes the oceans

she rolls the dough west

     rise holy mountain

she drinks the waters of life

          dry the deserts     the salt sea

she kisses your mouth

     your lungs fill          gasp

she becomes the cloud

          that is blue     up     rain & snow

she became the green & mud

     for your feet     to walk     stand

she is the invisible miles

          in year & time          & distance

     you will walk

she was the space

          that circles back     forward


she will be the us that is     you

     that is child

               that is me

     that is always

that is ever

          that will be


offers the bottle up
     take it down
          to your lips
               the ruby red
on your neck
     the ruby river
          on your teeth
               the ruby mark
on your throat
     the ruby drink
          in your belly
               the ruby mountain
on your fingers
     the ruby life
          in your hands
               the ruby course


world bends on corner
     long the window wall
shadows provide cover
     make life dance for my hands
under me the bodies
     sealed in concrete holes
impaled with steel beams
raised up raised up
     the sky
it's full of them it's full
     towering above the earth
made rituals from space
     mad sigils from space
etched across the greatness
     tells the story of the start

Thursday, March 9, 2017

We have what we came for

waiting to pull the metal coffin
to its place
     and when
            when it returns
stacked atop with bodies
waiting to push it back
to forget
where it has been
     only where it left its remains
waiting to retrieve
     more markings
     more corpses
     more legs
     more trees
a shriek on rolling wheel
     again it goes forth
     again there it is
waiting always waiting
             countless eyes
                             burial mounds


     This dust

Settles one atom at a time
     slowly to
what little past     remains
     sediment of
left little
at the bottom end

Where were you when you remembered
           those     little
suffering a multitude of fossilized
those funny dying things
     shriveled up
            that made me     love
and you smile
at the
           that has become     you
and you
and dust
              above     &     underneath


Against the walls
     heat from those million miles
          falls flat on lifeless     concrete
shaped by the machine hand
                                              of man
     tucked within its belly
fed on artificial
          weaponized     light
the constricting
by 3D blue print masks
     masquerading prisons
dropped on endless     maps
                    endless     hours
                     endless     pages

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


the bay was a bowl
of crystal waves
and golden sun,

we left foot prints
in auburn sand
side by side,

we were the ocean,
the mountain, tree,
the sky,

far from home; far
from home, the
torea pango cried,

silent the stars rose
against the night,
the dark blue cape
of the world,

the southern moon
dances on the shore,
outlines your hair,

you reached
for my hand as
the day fell,

I held onto your heart,
you held mine.

Rebellious Sheep

hidden among the hills
batches of green earth
below the current rises
untouchable electric fences
all your flock is naked
there on the other side
each car to wind
the road's bend
an informant
a traitor
a Sheppard;

they won't take you alive.

Blue Pool

float in
the god's eye
clear pool
green lashes
old old

is it blue?

see the sky
wink back

up there
or down