Monday, January 27, 2014

Dream Book

I am going to start
a new notebook for dreams
but I do not. I leave it in my
room sitting on a shelf, I leave it
empty, I walk out and close the
door behind me. I do this slowly, I use my foot to
brace the weight so the door won't slam,
I am carrying many things.
They are usual things:
clothes, books, shoulder bag, jacket,

I head downstairs, cross the lobby
and then back upstairs to the fifth floor
on the opposite side, there are two connected
towers that make up the building, I live on the south end.

Felicia is waiting for me in the north, she's tired
and ready for bed. I just got back from
a three hour bus ride, but it is late,
I guess, so let her go to sleep
without much complaining.

I sit up for a while in the dark listening
to the heater hum, feel the building
relax under the weight of the night,
until I am tired enough to close
my eyes.

During the night, I am dreamless.
I have no reality.

I make a note to remind myself
in the morning but it's lost along the way,
I do not remember why,

I had no paper anyway.

I am a sinking spirit married to the world.

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