Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Seagulls take to the skies, Men take to their graves

I caught a glimpse of myself
on an empty field, it wasn't the same
field then or the same self I am now,
but I saw something in his smile
I remembered, saw something
in the way he carried himself, how he cried out,
running, jumping, running, chasing
groups of harried seagulls,
laughing as they flapped and spun
around him in the air, I watched him
staring off into the sky as they
disappeared into the shiny gray ether above
afraid to move, afraid to lose the vision,
I wondered if he saw me too as he
turned around to chase them again
at the other end of the old faded field,
I wondered if he'd even notice me there
far off in the future a hundred miles,
a hundred millions memories away,
I wondered what he would say to the sad
old man crying for him someday.

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