Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bilbo Baggins

Chase goes, "punch it V!"
with the car in neutral outside
empanada joint on Dupont Circle
accompanied by chants in the backseat
to the tune of "Doop", drinks wearing on
us but wearing thin, one more bar to
go, in VA this time, old town,
Virginia, someplace waiting in
the bitter darkness of record
breaking night, it's 15 below,
it's gonna be hell walking
a mile after parking the car,
but that's later on, nothing to worry about
now but the next brew, the next
syrupy glass (I'm drinking porters
or stouts tonight) So, V guns the lifeless
car for nothing, Chase giggling, "C'mon
Vitaly go!" shift the gear, head south
for one more go, stay in line,
don't kill us, we know the way,
King Street, Queen Street, open
spots, how much longer til
the next last call?

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