Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I need to stop taking the metro,
it's giving me a big head,
I'm the smartest character on the show,
watching everyone, judging,
I'm reading my great books!
thinking my great thoughts!
and there they are
being worthless, scouring the
newspaper, doing the crosswords,
sudoku, maybe they're doing it
for me I think sometimes, but they
aren't, I still think it though,
maybe it's proof the world's only
in my mind/body/mind and I want to
be the smartest,
I am sad they are missing out,
having no free will, listening to the
drone of their own brain,
I thank them when I get off
at my stop with a nod,
I'm sure it's the last stop and
they go comatose and fold into the blackness,
I decide to check tomorrow morning
to see if the faces are the same,
but I don't care enough to remember them
they exist only to appease me in
the knowledge that I am knowing
greater things, that is enough
for them, to be a part of my narrative,
they are faceless pixels hurtling
nowhere, whereas I am beautiful,
going everywhere, understanding all,
they live on my breath, I can feel the universe
expanding inside me, I try to force my consciousness
from my head, it goes elsewhere,
someone is reading Twilight,
I scoff, the bell rings, the door opens
I step out, there is a feeling of relief or
release, or both, there are people
that don't know me shuffling about,
I eclipse them, the station breathes out,
shrinks before me, it is night
the metros eyes go blank,
my audience awaits the morning

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