Friday, January 3, 2014

Double parking zone

They tell you to pull up,
watch the double park baby,
but you do it anyway
'cause fuck it, right? who
wants to wait out in the cold
driving around to find a single
space, when no one's gonna
take that spot behind you in
ten fucking minutes you'll be
gone, but guess what? you
come out of the store and sure
as hell some asshole pulled right in
and you gotta squeeze your way out
in time cars in adjacent spots and lined behind
but one small opening you're not
sure the car can fit between
better move before that last opening is filled
out and you're up shit's crick for
the night sitting in a cold car
cold night cold stars, hoping this
isn't apartment parking, hoping it'll be soon,
it's getting later, time to go on, look out
kid, huh? keep telling yourself
it'll be alright.

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