Sunday, February 28, 2016

what the guy upstairs thinks

well i dunno man, is today the last day of february?
          are there any last days, who knows? what?
the last day, the Last Day, man. the last day, shit. shit, shit.
                   it's over. fuck man, god damn, this shit.
I dunno, it's like, what? Not sure, really. it just feels kinda empty.
     like not there, like not there, like nothing is. nothing is there. yeah?
yeah that's how i see it. the date doesn't matter, just wanted to know
          the month. turns over, it's leap year. or something.
too many days are nothing. have nothing, if i can have anything
                    i'm not sure what i'm, what i'm trying to ask, say.
but you know, there's this blank, this fucking blank space
     my head, where it shouldn't be. there should be like, some
some sort of response and there's nothing, like truly nothing, shit, man
          there's nothing
and see, i gotta, i gotta get going, get, somewhere
     it's all fucked, man, i guess, it's all fucked, everything.
i dunno.

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