Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Let me be

I've stolen lines from many poems.
all of them mine. I'm not sure
where all this is going, but I'm
sure my student loans will make it
there before me this time.

                                            How many years
is 40 thousand dollars really worth? how
many office hours? how much PTO?
who can tell you but the banks and your
most recent training/orientation exercise?
there's a sun being built on the inside
of every office temple in the western hemisphere.
I hope I can retire here, in another 50 years. what
a wonderful gift to my children that would

       Voices whisper down the lane.
the next powerpoint is the next great line.
Assembled oldest to youngest by height
by sex by weight by skin by hair made sure they
look almost all the same, from the corner near
open door bathroom stalls. Graffiti on the walls
in black n' red ink. Each carry the link to the
ledger online. You can pay your taxes complain and
pay a usage fee at the same time.

                                                       can you make out
what they're saying? It's hard to tell what it means or
where the money goes and hopefully you'll have
worked yourself to death before you're forced to utilize
such degrading charity.

                                        Take a number and wait in line.

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