Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Rainy days and cloudy days and the sun

Seperate 2.851 miles no traffic
under torrential rain
by window pane by work pain
are droplets on my cheeks
in my sleep with indigo sky
cloud filled sky 43 h drive
          from what I have wasted
here is everything I have not been.
In chuckanut an old VW van rots.
clothes hang out in the rain. from
tree to tree. from branch over underbrush.
It is raining all the time. Hopefully there
is only a drizzle they will dry
           at least the sun can decide the
body can decide when you wake. the
cold glass the endless gaping space.
How can it be pierced in all this glut of time.
how to traverse these gray lines our palms.
Wasted as ever. and done.

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