Friday, August 22, 2014

Some thing New

cut the tape
at the inch line
5.3 it is
weary wet weary
muggy buggy
balmy outside
windows fogged
so's it's guessing
on summer betting
on same ol' same
ol' sleek metal horns
and blue ribbon
shells falling robins
streak into sky
muster roll call taps

sequential images:

now dotted gray
a hammer
on the floor
a hand reaching
one touch
man or god
man dragging hold
a house
zooming up
shingles grayed and fading
gray eyes
sad gray eyes
raising hammer
sound explosion words

music creeping in
sad torrent sound
but something else
sadder or just is
in is-ness of is-ing
or be-ing
re-spoil re-cut
now old is new
roles reversed

sound explosion words
hand lifting hammer
happy blue eyes
blue syes
shingles new and gleaming
child lagging behind
boy or father
gentle touch
a hand reaching
to the floor
a hammer
now rusted gray

somewhere new.

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