Wednesday, August 20, 2014

No One Suspects

Each morning
I slip into myself,
down beneath the
fragile pink skin
where I find pulsing
blue veins warm
and sinewy, muccus
smells and musty
aching flesh, muscle
membrane, thick
oozing blood, stench
like iron and sweat,
each morning I
operate the periscope
eyes, hit ignition,
watch myself go,
I am disembodied
moving within,
sounds and voices
are muffled and funneled
through listening devices
positioned on the head,
I turn toward BANG
and CRASH and
SIZZLE I pass all
the time each morning
move about through
the air and water world
protected, offer the
standard response, wait
and repeat, I cover my
scratches in gold and
fabric, touch sensors
dilineate smooth and
rough and silk, legs
arch and bend and turn,
each morning I
pilot this hulking mass
falling into itself
crushing meat and bone,
consume the capsules
of other souls, shifting
eyes, I speak in code
seeking others like myself.

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