Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I felt a merge
dimensional shift

watch you can
see myself
take the glass
ease a sip

but I am one
head tumbling
forward in time
left back
himself on
my own

my seed takes
its place in
parricidal agonizing
necessity or it
is nothing--but is it, and
can it be nothing?--
a wonder of the spatial
age, consequential
tumescence and
Asexual breeding,

we have the perfect boy

he is a time machine
quantum spermal generator
he stretches

big bang to entropy

has seen ever toilet
in the galaxy

is a right shithead
and genius of the stars

I am the beginning and
end of line
a lifetime dreamstate
functioning on borrowed

stand at edge
3 D space
laid out culling wind
lead shift into place
eyes rewind click
clack click snap

moving again now
one minute one second
at perfect intervals
he tries to remember
what it was like
watches clocks
without hands.

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