Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Balm

Fuck, I'm dying from the taste of
anybody can talk about Bukowski
talk about truth,
talk about fucking,
but banana/berry?

go ahead and say Hem
was your biggest influence
who gives a shit
he should be, really
think about it,
unlike banana/berry,
which doesn't think or
feel, just exists to torment--

I can't get this viscous,
vicious balm out of my
mouth or my thoughts,
even as your sleeping body
breathes in rhythm with the
tires crunching pavement outside;
I'm helpless--

and the world goes home to lonely
darkened halls and paranoid fears;
anybody can vomit some words
onto a page, for their own
self-serving needs, read
Blake swinging empty bottles at shy stars,
screaming of visions, moaning
into the face of it, groaning,
blithering, swallowing
but it talks an idiot to want to write about it


  1. idiocy or insanity are often behind writing, don't you think?

    how about peaches/blueberries? {smile}

  2. I spend a lot of time in an on-line critique group. We've all become friends and very free with our critiques. It can be hard to turn that off. I like a lot of this very much. In another environment, I would offer a couple of suggestions. Regardless of all that, I could not stop reading. LOVE the idea of writing about banana/berry!

  3. There is a delicious charm to all of this. And aren't we all often feel the same thing in the end?

  4. WOW, this nearly blisters on the page and I so love it! You have nailed it! The sweet taste, the bitter invective, the edgy humor, it so totally works.