Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Tonight I read a poem aloud
on the balcony alone, without
pens or papers or pencils or whatever,
I spoke it out loud once without repeating
to make sure I wouldn't remember it
when I got back inside,

When I got back inside it was dark,
I watched the cum slide like beads
into the toilet drain, congealed into
balls and rolling toward the abyss,  
I was up on one knee like the coach tells you
to stay when you huddle up in pee-wee
football until I flushed it all away,

I thought about metaphors
and Superman right then, thought maybe I would
call Will back, he'd rung while I was outside,
instead I took a sip of milk and played with
the brightness display on the monitor,
I tried to find a metaphor in that
and when I found one I liked
I went to bed.


  1. Interesting snapshot of life. :)

  2. I liked this!
    There was something so oddly fascinating about it.
    ...the words...the images...so vaguely mine, yet looking at it from the outside...so detached and yet, in it's dark humour, so intimate!

    It's the point of view I think, what it does to mine.

    Odd, voyeuristic, well written!

    ...played with
    the brightness display on the monitor...

    good stuff.