Thursday, January 5, 2012

thinking maybe 1,2,3 turn the cold water down

Is this what we do now,
Sit and stare and grow old forgetting?
I can feel the lines on my face each time
you close your eyes and say
you're tired...the world outside
is blasting colors at our windows
but we are here wanting to grow up
wanting to die
I don't get it
sleeping soundly for anther day
so what? the sun comes up and 
we can see and superman gains the 
ability to fly, he's younger than we are at
75, he may last forever on the page...the guy against
the window tries to help me, I'm telling
the teller-ticket-taker someone left a phone,
I give it to her knowing she's just gonna
sell the fucking thing, but there's nothing I 
can do, I could take it, steal it, destroy it
I don't get it,
what do they want leaving things on the seats?
herded out of buses, the wrong buses,
idiot buses, he's got thick glasses/Obama beret,
I die each time I see that
Days Inn, with the no cars
and pretend continental breakfast savior...
when am I going to blow it up?
I dunno, I'd like to soon, but there's no 
explosives left in a dying world,
just us, frown on our faces in the shower
leaning against the tiles afraid to pee,
thinking, ah the hell with it, then taking a
breath and starting all over again


  1. Dude.

    I'm a fan of this.

    Superman, berets, peeing in the shower...utter classic.