Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby it's a dream away from reality

fix up these stitches
on my eyes rolling forward
     into the past I made up
the part I thought up
while we was walking in the cold
     not so cold wintry VA
I need to wet them in the shower

the guns outside are clean
not yet fired, but the crowds
are thick and vacant,

the matrix atop the tower
the bodies in cages underground
dreaming of a constantly shifting reality
a school, three unwanted plotting,
tho we can't steal the...something,
then it all blows up killing each other,
there's no reason...

then a house in the mountains, changing
scenarios but my fevered mind catches on,
I leave and come back, the landscape, beautiful
too green and sparkles red, pink, yellow
to be real, folds up onto itself in the distance,
the house is brick, mortar,
wood, a cabin, Victorian

the lights aren't on, but I'm holding you anyways
why does this thing light up and burn?


I've run so long

the crotch is torn out the bottom of my shorts
I'm not worried, worried about anything
I'll wake up, drink a glass of milk

it's so cold out I'll probably burn

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