Sunday, January 8, 2012

Saturday Collage

Sometimes I go to plays
sometimes they're by Henrik Ibsen

Sometimes I've only read A Doll's House
I'm watching Hedda Babler
her last name is Tessman by marriage

Felicia is tagging me on Facebook at the
H Street Playhouse and my sister is
tagging me at a party in PA

I'm in two places at once, I
thought I didn't allow tagging on my profile?

I guess the CIA decided for me like
the zombie that got the bees

it's figuring us out

we're next you know?
No more sitting passively, it'll
be us fleeing from the hive,
or into it, in perfectly straight lines
waiting for the incinerator,

checking our watches

Sometimes I'm the only one
okay with it,
sometimes I'm the only one
to realize we lost,

Hell, it was 400 years ago

Sometimes I'm seeing plays
by Henrik Ibsen
sometimes I'm seeing myelf

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