Friday, December 2, 2011

Visions of Chinatown

"Mommy, are we in China?"
says the cute little girl in
purple flannel patterned winter
as her mother buttons up her hood,
"No baby, we in Philly," and
they're looking for something to eat
that isn't this rundown dirty tiled
bus station, while they await the two
hour trip to New York where their
cousin will pick them up, I overheard
when she was using some guys
phone (he had two for some reason, took one
out of his pocket for her to call, he must carry on
in case strangers ask for his phone;
he thinks ahead)
wearing a button down and a sweater
over top, it was purple too,
I thought that was kind of a funny
coincidence, while I waited and then a
green vested guy called, "New York bus,
New York bus, outside!" and everybody
ambled out to fight for a spot in line,
except me and a loving couple sharing
their lunch, until I realized it was too small
containers not one, so they weren't sharing,
They were huddled together tho,
and that's something,
I guessed they were headed to DC
too, or maybe they didn't care about getting
to New York on time,
either way we'd sit across from each other
saying nothing

1 comment:

  1. I like the way you paint pictures in words, and cleverly keep me reading because there are no full stops. (No, that's not the only reason.)