Monday, December 12, 2011

Dreams in December

You, I saw you in my dreams
clawing at me again, it was like
the reality I feared, that you had been
planning for me, and tho in the dream
we had never left, in the world I'd
forgotten you came for me, in the subway
a chance meeting, someone tried to help
me, to get between us, but you're always
so angry, so pained, are you like that
still? If so, I won't believe you;

I ran and found a car, maybe in this
hard yellow light I could escape
but somewhere in my dreams
I end up losing control of the car,
the wires are crossed or...another
thing...I forget about you, and what
you want, if it's anything at all,

I gasp in the seat of the car
curled up and freezing in the cold
metal of the cold outside, I gasp and
come to terms with this shaking reality,
it's the morning, it's December, you're
out there in the blackness of black hole
space maybe dreaming of me too, I let that sink into
the frozen blanket that's my memory


  1. That's some dream! Or the other you? Not quite sure which.
    Very haunting whichever it is.

  2. [Hugs] I'll go punch Crazy for you <3

  3. invite you to join poets rally week 58 today, a random poem is welcome.