Friday, October 7, 2011

More Western Haiku

Felix the cat
smiles with no teeth
silently on walls

Day old iced coffee
draws rings on my desk
in the shade

There's no expiration
on an old blue moon
when it's empty and washed

black rusted pipe
on white reflective roof
a lonely arrow to heaven

In one hundred years
we'll graze like cattle
behind barbed-wire fences

Maybe when you go
to Paris in the winter
there's nothing to do but look

under my sleepy cat
a sheet of cardboard
an empty box crumbled

when you wake up at noon
no clouds and faded blue
sky has that afternoon look

I think of your body
in the cool breeze
tanned and warm to touch

above your smile is lovely
orbs of the void truth
crystal depths and black ocean

1 comment:

  1. Good stuff! This really jazzed me, for some reason:

    "There's no expiration
    on an old blue moon
    when it's empty and washed"