Friday, October 7, 2011

Step Ladder

I have seen the laugh lines,
the bitter tries, all cuddled up
upon your bedside, it's something
somehow I'll never regret, it's
little kids and anarchy when they
haven't discovered the concept yet,
I broke a window throwing a baseball
bat, it was my neighbors and I was 8
years old; he murdered stray cats
I found them on dry pavement in the summer,
I broke his window and he deserved it
little cats done nothing and only a few
months old, down the street a wolf
eyed my legs hungrily, he was a beautiful dog,
a happy dog, he was 8 feet tall from hind legs to
nose, now someway I'm very old, 27 years old
and what was I like as a little boy? Why can't I remember
what I thought, who I was, because I'm ethereally
nothingness, going to die, growing to die, learning to die
will I remember how I am now dying an old man
alone on his bed? What voices will I hear?
Probably nothing, but that's okay in the void, same void I
pull this thought out of, the same nothing and suffering
the same lost love, the same last dime in my pocket

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