Friday, May 19, 2017

an act of mutation

some photos taken for granted

some lies cooling in the sun

some remnants of your past catching up

          reading the last line before
          the subway pulls up; rushed;
          forgetting the last 40 minutes
          that you read; being an angel
          thinking about heaven;
          how it looks; what it is

some thoughts written down

some one laughing behind the door

some place that feels like the future

          remembering that you'd been
          driving; stopped at a red light;
          panicking; thinking about how
          you'd made those turns; the 
          bodies that could have been
          left; in your path; could it
          be diverted; was it possible
          to jerk the wheel

some memories are entirely true

some shoes in a garbage can

some where you'll never know

          deleting the words as you go;
          starting over; reading a poem 
          from long ago; adding a word
          a thought; that appears a few
          lines below; deja vu; a feeling
          of familiarity; predictable 
          choices; same old stanzas;
          flat lines 

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