Friday, June 10, 2016

disgraced professors of paper towels

feet many walking about the concrete fields
many souls many unacknowledged

there was a man full body scar
outside paper wrapped food pusher's windows
defaced cereal box cardboard turned inside out in his right hand
lifted up till the end scratched his chin
the words underneath

economically the anthill was booming
a dropped banana peel three days old materialized
on the doorstep of the great citadel
there was much commotion and rejoice
the much would have some
the short would have many

I wish more people would learn economics
he typed onto his facebook wall hitting enter and left it there,
'this,' as he marveled at its clear understanding of subjective ideology,
'will show them I understand'

souls many unable to pass on sink desperately into
false monoliths and uncountable number of cubicle walls

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