Sunday, July 19, 2015

fat fish fry

fat rat fish fry illuminati
watch this vine
[copy paste]
this link is broken
fresh oil fries best
without the burnt
of secret society
fear, as in old food
left to rot,

there're bacterium
in my brain,
I am partial to cats,

there are at least 15 places
to get baked ziti in orlando
(even tho the city is imaginary
a cursory incorrectly
directed internet search;

I searched my own name.

seems they know I'm Italian
on to the silent e,

this poem is a google search result,
spiders crawl inside

sizing my bandwidth up

don't worry I've just about lost myself
you're not alone

follow the prompts the directional boxes
take a bow

stuff your face
it's basically nothing
and nothing can be done

there's always time for another lie

I'll set the pace.

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