Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Crampton to Weverton 1000' to 780'

from the gap
thru Gathland
rain slowing
to stop     misting
in still gray morning,

sun is warming
beyond tree canopy
yet to dry my clothes,

cross Townsend road
up the hill
follow those
white blazes,

muck and mud
of stewed trail
by Garvey Shelter
     --I've enough water,
making good time--
moving on,

hiking sticks clang
on rocks
support aching knees

I missed Weverton Cliffs
     --must have
been watching the
wrong way, must
not have been set--

determined to walk straight
breath steady
stomach empty

if all goes, I'll
start up the car
     --in my memory
parked by old
abandoned school
Washington St
hit the road by three

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