Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Siren man

Siren man
radio humming man
metro walking man
screaming into the walkman

conversations drop to whispers

there's some averting their eyes

there's an asshole filming you with a sneer

siren man
car alarm sounding man
pacing the subway man
screaming into the sound man

you all dressed in black

your clothes oil slick with dirt

caked on layers of unwash

siren man
discordant voices man
striking at the normies man
leaning against the car door man

you've got your head hung low

screaming back at the blaring lights traffic roll

you hit rewind screech go rewind screech

siren man
sound man
mystery man
radio man

carrying your demons on tape

carrying chaos on rewind

carrying enemies anywhere you hit play

carrying sound into the subway night

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