Sunday, May 10, 2015

grandfathers and beers

count the dead soldiers
lined up in a row
emptied out

how many did you kill?

how many bodies left to be tapped
how many are still fit for service

will they get us where we're going or fail?

count count the dead soldiers
packed in factories
states away

how many do you really need?

how many glisten in the sun
how many end up in the ground

will they last forever or perhaps degrade?

count the dead soldiers
left waiting until morning
silently stale

how many more tomorrow?

how much longer should we wait
how many more to come off the line

will they pour their souls out on cold streets?

count the dead dead soldiers
six in each platoon
none unique

how many did you knowingly kill?

how many until the world spins out of control
how many before there's no turning back

will they march with us, or upon our graves?

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