Saturday, June 28, 2014

24 (that moment before sleep)

Want space to think
work my eyes in sockets
pick my brain in
your head it goes
tock tock tick roaming
tock pay for sterile
feelings make believe
me understand me fever-
ed night night
night becoming day becoming
sleepless becoming a day
without sleep woke at 6 didn't
ya? awoke at 6 awake,
Aren't you the same?
a little eastern phantom
storyteller no lie
no offense, I walked up
street this morning to bus
hat folded up in hand,
concentrate concentrate
try not to sweat, lasts all day,
what I did when I left, ah--ah--
what I--ah--what I saw say--
no rain but trick myself into thinking--
rain! I can't wait--there's none
space narrows, eyes narrow
nodding on couch--thought I saw
a rrr--gone now--lids down
flashing--oh you know know
I am running out, haven't put it together
turn off/on set to stand-by
gimme a few gimme a few
hours hours sleep dropping need

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