Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Saw the tracks on the
wrong side of Columbus,
Vitaly had pulled out into
on coming traffic, wrong side
of the road, heading right into
old broken down trolley river
styx and we were next to try
and cross it, but I noticed in those
final seconds and we slid to a halt
on a patch of grass, and the faces in
the cars were watching, the headlights
blaring, the last vespa bent to the road south
before we could u-turn the bitch and
get on I-95, "Fuck, Vitaly, you
almost killed us!" Will was hammering
the dashboard, "Yea,
I admit that but they gotta put up some fucking signs,"
He's right I thought in the back seat
there weren't any signs, no signs
pointing the wrong direction.

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  1. Huge emotion, then a placid "I agree."