Friday, May 25, 2012


Hey Watch!
Our days are shifting and numbered!

We've let them build these
walls between us,

left with one recourse
we cast furtive sad glances
at each other from behind the
keyboard screen that marks
a false understanding, a
confession of our othering,

don't be fooled
aren't lost
we are
hidden by power from view &
from ourselves,

millennial is a false term,
is a false charge, merely
an abstract something to
further classify--

I see the same looks on
our faces, I see an age on the streets,
loitering, unemployed, over-educated, uneasy,
I see an age trying to type out a cluttered, hectic,
misspelled thought on facebook only to
delete it before they're through,

what are we but an ignored generation,
a ghost generation?

A stymied, restricted
herd of idiots & beaming fools,
following the trends, mainstream news,
catch phrases, catch words, issues, .coms,
.govs, .whatever?--It's what they tell us to believe

that's truth--accept. Obey.

No. That's not what I've glimpsed,
I've found that sparkle behind the eyes,
that knowledge we're all wanting
to share
but are too paranoid no one else will agree--
To seem mad? Different? Is suicide-- They've
made us all uncomfortable spies for their cause
& what we have left are whispers & secrets & stares--

what we ignore are
the unspoken moments, the intangible
idealistic belief that there is another way
tho we've been taught not to see it,

seek it out, find it, dream it, covet it, or yearn for it

instead we're taught to fear it as rebellion, terrorism, insanity
the actions of the pariah, parasite, loafer, lazy
mendicants who hate and contribute nothing
to the grand illusion--

(Ack! Meaning

Acronym extortion into the
ether, onto the file that the FDACIAFBI has been
building against us, & we're afraid
to venture off the guided path
that they've convinced us is our shared dream--

There are those of us that get it,
right now hiding behind vacant masks,
pretending we haven't peeked over the
burgeoning void--and

So at night we meet in those ancient places,
those lamented, clandestine & rented places,
shouting to each other over beer
& smoke & liquor & pounding hearts,
brandishing our own rehearsed lies,
making sure never to let slip the truth of the
nameless generation
they won't control.

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