Monday, March 19, 2012


Don't know why
I just thought of your
76 Dodge Charger (cobalt blue)
driving 120 mph on
the old beat up industrial highway
on dark sweet high school nights
before we stalled out laughing at
an intersection on 420 running the
red at a crawl, because really
you didn't quite know how to drive a stick,
the road poured out at us,
dried sprouts of brown earth to the
side illuminated by headlights (we
could see only feet in front of us) tires
kicking up dirt & dust, there were no lights
along the straightaway but our screaming eyes &
mouths as we hit the one hundred mark, each
leaning forward in old bucket seat, heads bent
with that rumbling machine, a hell of seat belts
& leather, a demon in the
youthful purple suburban sky

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