Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ark I, mass extinction

The Chandelier was a black mass
on bronze circle, the participants
glowering globes circled around a
hollowed center & dripping
the human worldly abyss
a golden globe chained to the
wood finished heavens--
metal & cardboard containers
imprisoned on small second floor
ceiling, sit in darkness in
the old 1800s room of old clocks
& slow modernity,  and the
people sift through the Revolution
& the Civil War,
white ceiling mass descending
small desk lights, gold chain
pulled, the east wing high level
of first days-- the 6 months
to come


  1. I pictured a view that rotated round a light fixture above, angling down at objects below.

  2. yeah man, have you ever been to the national archives in DC? was describing the lights there lol

  3. I have not been!