Monday, November 14, 2011

6: Friday

In Pennsylvania state park closed
morning we woke up in our sleeping bags,
the car was dripping condensation and we 
had our final day ahead in Gettysburg
twelve miles to the east then Route 30
the rest of the way to Philadelphia, we toured 
the battlefield, the great open breathless green
country that God sent down just so a battle
would be fought there, one of the birth places of the 
America we'd seen first hand and so lovingly close
these last 6 days, in a roadside country stand selling 
apples we met David (another David not the musician 
with big white beard who apologized to Dave in St. Louis) 
but a third David with a long white beard himself (too,
though his was tied at the end) and he asked us our 
names, calling me Thomas even though I said Tom
and he wanted to know why we were interested in
battlefields, he was an old hippy soul but a good man,
he even gave us an apple each for the road, running up to 
our car as we left with the fruit cradled in his arms, they were
crisp and juicy, delicious, our third tour with free gifts (he showed
us his house filled with pottery) and we
were ready for the non-stop terrible drive home with traffic
jams that you apparently only find in Philadelphia
and I said to the road we left behind that I never wanted to 
quit going. 

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