Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One Long Road Poem- 1: Sunday

Outside Dayton, Ohio
on our first night and
black cats won't cross our path
even near old windmills abandoned and
broken down where we stopped to pee;
we passed Pittsburgh & Columbus in a
flash, I barely saw them at night but for yellow
bridges and lights; In Murraysville after
Raystown and Frankstown we stopped for
salty soup and no apple pie
or maybe Dutch apple pie; the waitress
small old (and I think wearing a red wig) mosseyed
along to check, she handed me a pie list, the place
was Dick's Diner and no other choices caught my eye
like Route 40 goes on forever in Ohio
cloudy than clear sky-- forget it, we're only in Ohio
with two entire states to kick our ass until St. Louis
where I'll drop a rose into the Mississippi for you,
my love because it'll travel all the way to the Gulf
of Mexico and then around the world floating in the salty Caribbean
blue waves; This hotel is fluorescent lights in bed
ready to wake up to tomorrow's filled with
Cincinnati chili stacked five layers high and
three states worth of miles;

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