Thursday, July 28, 2011

I thought about Sleep

I got home pretty late
the lights were on upstairs,
hours later Whit would catch a mouse
its tail dangles from his mouth
he's black and white, Whit not the mouse,
he was gray, We left for center city,
but first I rinsed my mouth out with
mouth wash--refreshing mint--there were no
taxis outside so we waited in the middle of the street,
Broad Street, it went this way south and this way north
into as far as I could see in the night,
which wasn't far before all the red lights became
all the green lights and all the lights were one
big blinding mist, we walked on a cement island
I stuck a weed in my mouth, Joe said it looked
like a guitar stretching off into that north distance
I mentioned, it did, but there were no cars going north
and it was getting late, Philadelphia readied to tuck me
in my bed, it was warm when I took a breath
I was orange in the orange of the street,
I thought about sleep