Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seems about the right time

Boy the East River looks nice today
though I hear it's really shit
and that's what Long Island looks like
if that's what I'm looking at (or just tagging),
no wonder the Islanders are bad
(but young), makes me think--
passing under "safe" pedestrian tunnel--
I amble--never made my peace with hero
Doug Weight's retirement (how we're all
dying--older dying, gray haired dying--
look at me-- dying) still wonder
at that old number 39 magical passes in
the offensive zone coated white ice,
transition back check between those blue lines
While I'm here at East Riverside Park not
sweating under the trees, little sickly New York
sad trees, safe from computer entry, every website
BLOCKED, slave labor internships about ready
to say BYE-BYE New York skyline,
hello New Jersey, rest in the orange grip
of Philadelphia--
some currents on the surface are brown,
Where fore swims the fishies, oh?
crying, burnt out in the waves?

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