Monday, June 6, 2011


So I'm sitting
diagonally behind
this Asian (Korean) woman
in crazy plastic wrapped head gear
samba music & smell of
hair salon everything is
white cept four chairs are red
and four are black,
the fans are shaking and spin
dir dir dum dum durm durm
and it's funny we're the only two here
she's got her head down in
black bag sirens going off
outside rushing by on New York
32nd Street & 5th Ave
I've got my book open
hiding this poem from her
'cause I'm embarrassed she might
think "This sulking stalking
behind me guy in gray shirt
is something else, writing about me,"
because I am
while I'm waiting for Felicia
Hollywood big eyelash extentions
and my books got tiny black font
I use an Office Depot Fine Pt. pen
black ink
I stole from USIP
to write

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