Monday, February 4, 2013

Superbowl Sacrifice a reverse prayer to out and save us

faces taking up all
the bulbs snapped into the
well wall water the plants--
afterlife shells--confidential
memories and somebody you
might know--wasted catatonic
hourly crusade bad word search
weak word journey uneasy choice
apathy--invisible comments of the
social brigade one more public ceremony
for the beast on holy sunday creeping
devil pyramids and the eye watches all--
if you see something--UNREAL--
say something to drown the whiskey
in vomit climbing up your throat
or the thought that there's something
beyond this coloring book
post misinformation on social media
get the train--all source beyond THE
source is the lie--I am god truth
Baphomet, I know your name--
capitalized into eternity,
stay in your homes, fear yourselves
your neighbors, humanity hides it's
secrets under my bed--I am only a dream
symbol but you make me real--
I name you to disarm you.

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