Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fanatics make things up to make themselves feel better, yep

checked my watch
at 9:11 preconditioned to
dismantle the codex or repeat the
signal out to falling buildings
reassuring its eyeless audience
that science is stalking the night
there's no way outdoors
fuck who would want to?
in this glorious controlled
environment we entitle ourselves too
with our rights and force the
powerful to bend to
our every whim and word
because they can't do anything without us

and I am called delusional
because I wash your
windows at night gorging
on pop culture pop corn in-
formational sessions held in the
deepest halls of the tempted
schools of thought erosion--sodium
bicarbonate is ejaculated onto
the scene and wipe it
up with them rags we've misplaced
into our back pocket logs
if you can't find it no big deal
its got built in gps clone
rfid chip technology running
off the electrical current of our brain
and they
only say it takes 40 years off your life!
for all that convenience?

I'd like to believe it
but it sounds made up...

1 comment:

  1. I loved the popcorn line...

    Once again, you've made a great account of the oligarchs.